Corporation details - Lisnave [.CRP.]
Alliance: Mordus Angels CEO: cioe ranger5
Kills: 142 HQ: Saranen V - Moon 16 - Ishukone Watch Testing Facilities
Losses: 49 Members: 97
ISK destroyed: 28.88B Shares: 5000
ISK lost: 2.68B Tax Rate: 10%
Efficiency: 91.49% Website:
"Wars come and go, but the soldiers of Lisnave are Eternal."

We are a Fusion corp and we have some substantial experience fighting. We've done everything from small scale to major fleet battles and have been part of some of EVE's best-known PvP alliances.
From day one Lisnave has always had an industrial backbone, we understand that to fight you need to be able to stock yourself, corp and its allies with the tools of war.
We welcome people to our corp who can help ensure our corp remains self-sufficient whilst still maintaining a relaxed atmosphere that keeps it fun and engaging for all.
As a military organisation, we teach players to be proficient starship captains and to exert their will over the battlefield.
We have structured divisions in the key areas of industry, finance and logistics and PVP.

join.lisnave<<< in-game chat chan Pilots with null experience very desirable, but not necessary.
Zkillboard Stats
Ships Destroyed43,414
Ships Lost10,304
ISK Destroyed9.03 T
ISK Lost0.63 T
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